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Temptations Seafood Medley Salmon and Shrimp Dry Cat Food, 13.5 lb Bag


Temptations Seafood Medley Salmon and Shrimp Dry Cat Food, Nothing gets cats more excited than TEMPTATIONS treats, and now you can bring the magic of TEMPTATIONS treat time to the main feeding experience with delicious, irresistible TEMPTATIONS dry kibble! With TEMPTATIONS Seafood Medley Flavor adult dry cat food, your cat gets to enjoy the tasty and familiar flavors of TEMPTATIONS for every meal. This tempting dry food has tasty, crunchy bite-sized pockets with a crunchy exterior and soft filling mixed in with the kibble to keep your cat coming back for more. Beyond being an enticing meal, TEMPTATIONS dry cat food is 100% complete and balanced for adult cats and made with high-quality protein that helps support strong and healthy muscles. This savory cat food contains 35 essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It also contains Calcium and vitamin D to support healthy teeth and bones, and vitamin a to help support a strong immune system. Your feline friend will thank you! If you want your cat to get a nutritious meal that they’ll lose their cool over, look no further than TEMPTATIONS Seafood Medley Flavor adult dry cat food.

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16 reviews for Temptations Seafood Medley Salmon and Shrimp Dry Cat Food, 13.5 lb Bag

  1. Debbie

    Cats Try all brands of Dry seafood Cat food
    Having my 2 cats, try tasting and samples of all seafood flavored Dry foods,that I can find in the Walmart store. Temptations Seafood Medley was eaten for breakfast in morning time.Would buy a bigger bag next time.

  2. miner

    Brown Spots
    Over half of my bananas came with over ripe brown spots all over them.

  3. zenjen

    cats be crazy!!
    if you love giving treats to your cats then this is this best of the best. they will go nuts over this bag. i bought and it has last over 2 weeks now. so i eill buy again.

  4. Jennifer

    So I was just discussing with my cat whether she likes this new food to eat…. She jumped up on my kitchen counter and started to chew the top of the bag of Seafood Medley to open it…… Apparently she does 💕……

  5. Mistty

    The cats do not like the Temptations dry food. I will not be buying it again. I thought with the Temptations name it would be really good, but the cats took a long time to eat any of it.

  6. Joyce

    Kitties Love It!
    When I saw Temptations made a dry cat food, I had to give it a try since my feline family has enjoyed the treats for years. The kitties LOVE it – so much so, one literally will stick her head into the bag to serve herself given the opportunity LOL. If you’re looking for something your kitties will really love, I’d highly recommend giving it a try.

  7. LynneMycatslovethisfood

    My cats love it! It only cost 40 cents more than their regular food. They really get excited for meal time.

  8. Phyllis

    Monty Loves it!
    My cat Monty LOVES this!! He gets bored with other dry cat foods, but always runs for this (just like the treats!)

  9. April

    My cat likes this treat, in all the flavors. She acts disappointed as I have been giving “Temtations” with her reg chow, start of the day, not at every meal. Wgg 11:29am Sat 6 24 23

  10. Edna

    Our Cat’s new Favorite Dry Food
    I’m happy to say that the Temptations Dry Cat Food is a hit at our house! Our Cat absolutely loves the Temptations Treats, so we decided to let him try the Dry Food as well. He really loves the Dry Food, just as much as he loves their Treats! We will definately buy again!

  11. MaryEllen

    like everybody, we all have finicky cats. this is the only food that my cat will pull up a chair to, grab their knife and fork, put on their bibs, and go to town on this flavor. It is awesome

  12. Melissa

    I never knew they made Temptations cat food! I was in the store buying my car her Temptations cat treats, which she absolutely loves. I seen they have this cat food, I was delighted and picked up a bag to give it a try, my cat loves it. I literally have to now keep cat food in my pantry with the door closed. I went to work one day and the cat ripped the bag open and got herself some lunch and me a mess. This is the cat food I’ll be buying from now on along with her treats. I love how the packing of this food is so eye catching and they sell a many different sizes and flavors. If your cat likes Temptation treats I definitely recommend you give the cat food a try

  13. Bosslady717

    My furbaby has a better appetite now.
    Since I’ve been giving this to my kitty, she seems to be eating better. As long as she is satisfied with it, I will continue to buy it.

  14. Diana

    It’s wonderful cat food and the cat Mr. Tabs’s just loves it!

  15. Susan

    Tux loves them and he’s so picky

  16. Michelle

    My cat was allergic
    My cat goes crazy over Temptations treats, so I figured I’d try the food. But, I didn’t give it to him as food, I gave him the same amount as I gave him treats. He didn’t like the food as much as the catnip treats, but he ate it, thought he was getting a treat and I saved money. But, after about a week or so, I started seeing bald spots on him. Thought maybe he’d disagreed with a neighborhood cat, but there wasn’t any scratches or sores. So, I started wondering about the food since it was the only change. And, sure enough, he was allergic to something in it. I went back to the actual treats and before long he was all black and gorgeous again.

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