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TEMPTATIONS Block Party BBQ Flavor Adult Dry Cat Food, 13.5 lb. Bag


Nothing gets cats more excited than TEMPTATIONS treats, and now you can bring the magic of TEMPTATIONS treat time to the main feeding experience with delicious, irresistible TEMPTATIONS dry kibble! With TEMPTATIONS Block Party BBQ Flavor adult dry cat food, your cat gets to enjoy the tasty and familiar flavors of TEMPTATIONS for every meal. This tempting dry food has tasty, crunchy bite-sized pockets with a crunchy exterior and soft filling mixed in with the kibble to keep your cat coming back for more. Beyond being an enticing meal, TEMPTATIONS dry cat food is 100% complete and balanced for adult cats and made with high-quality protein that helps support strong and healthy muscles. This savory cat food contains 35 essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It also contains Calcium and Vitamin D to support healthy teeth and bones and Vitamin E to help support a strong immune system. Your feline friend will thank you! If you want your cat to get a nutritious meal that they’ll lose their cool over, look no further than TEMPTATIONS Block Party BBQ Flavor adult dry cat food.

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13 reviews for TEMPTATIONS Block Party BBQ Flavor Adult Dry Cat Food, 13.5 lb. Bag

  1. BoyMomCatMom

    my picky simease cats fav!

  2. JLadi414

    Good for my 3 kitties… 🙂
    My kitties changed too quickly over to this brand (I let my kids take over feeding them…) so their tummies were upset at first but now they are better and they seem to eat it alright. I like to mix in a bag if the chicken flavor occasionally for some diversity.

  3. charles

    I will continue to buy it.
    Excellent food. Cats love it %26 reasonably priced!

  4. Amanda

    My cats definitely approved this food from temptations. My cats ate every bite and then would sit at their bowl and cry for more. They already love the treats from this brand so I knew they would love the food too as well.

  5. SarA

    Taste like beef jerky
    I have 3 cats, 2 cats smelled it walked away, 1 cat loves it wont eat nothing else. As for myself, yeah i know its cat food, to me taste like beef jerky.

  6. Georgie

    Not even close to the treats in flavor
    I ordered this bag of Temptations cat food because my guys LOVE the treats. So, don’t fall for the trap – this food is blah, according to the guys in this house. They leave it sit there for days and only eat it if their Fancy Feast is gone. Just a complete oversell and tail rider of their popular treats. Pass on this one.

  7. Bobbie

    I have 5 indoor cats and most are very picky eaters. Most enjoy this brand of cat treats so when I saw they had a cat food now, I had to try it. 3 out of 5 love it! The other 2 never like anything different. Lol. I’m glad to have options now!

  8. Daqing

    very good
    reasonable price; kitty loves this

  9. Patricia

    Bad for cats?
    They eat the treats and leave the rest. I don’t think it agrees with some of them as one of my babies just started having bloody diarrhea which he didn’t have before trying this. So now I have a vet trip to make. I don’t recommend feeding this to your cats.

  10. Maryann

    I got this a couple weeks ago for my cats. I have three cats. Two of my 3 cats love it. The one cat I have is picky anyway. We always get this brand. We wanted them to taste a different flavor. Hopefully more flavors to come.

  11. mellie8667

    My cat approves of Temptations Dry Cat Block Party BBQ. This cat food is just what I needed to get my cat eat. I like that is a complete food for adult cats. I would like to recommend Temptations Dry Cat Blook Party BBQ for all cat lovers.

  12. KittenLang8641

    Thumbs up to Fancy Feast
    My cat left her canned gravy lover’s and ate almost 1/2c within the minute I set this down. I’m a faithful fancy feast purchaser, especially the Italian signature blends (old girl loves the rice %26 vegetables) %26 sauce varieties; OG doesn’t like pâté at all. This actually completes her Fancy Feast love because no treats do except temptations. Her health is great, too, and for that I recommend their products.

  13. Paul

    Cats think it’s tasty!
    Our cats love this food! Just wish it was cheaper or a larger quantity.

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