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TEMPTATIONS Meaty MixUps Chicken and Turkey Crunchy and Soft Cat Treats for Adult Cats, 1.5 Oz. Pouch (Pack of 3)


Cats can’t resist a delicious treat, and now you can make treat time even more irresistible with TEMPTATIONS Meaty MixUps soft and savory cat treats! These tempting cat treats deliver the delicious chicken & turkey flavor cats love in a moist, small bite that your furry friend won’t be able to get enough of. TEMPTATIONS Meaty MixUps cat treats make for a fun addition to your cat’s normal feeding routine: you can use them just to treat or as a special cat food topper over regular kibble. Each cat treat is less than 2 calories, has no artificial colors, flavors, or fillers, and is formulated without corn, wheat, or soy. With two layers of delicious flavor, we’re paw-sitive your cat will enjoy the delectable taste of TEMPTATIONS Meaty MixUps with Chicken & Turkey soft and savory cat treats!

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From the manufacturer

The Purrrfect Treat for Snack Time, Playtime or Anytime!

Sure, the only thing your furball has to “hunt” for is his shadow… but with TEMPTATIONS MEATY BITES, you can feed his true feline nature with a super satisfying treat made with real meat.

Available in a variety of paws-itively irresistible flavors, use these savory cat treats to reward for purr-fect behavior, as a cat food topper, or as an anytime snack.

TEMPTATIONS MEATY BITES are made with no artificial flavors or colors and have less than 2 calories per treat, so you can feel good about rewarding your cat every day.

The Purrrfect Treat for Snack Time, Playtime or Anytime!

Our Classic TEMPTATIONS Cat Treats come in a variety of flavors from chicken to beef to catnip; your cat will want to try them all.

Specifically formulated to support indoor cats’ digestive health.

Can’t decide which flavor to choose? Mix and match with TEMPTATIONS MixUps, available in a paw-lickin’-good combo of your furball’s favorite flavors.

Pet Food Flavor

Chicken and Turkey

Pet Treat Variety

Soft Treats

Pet Size

All Sizes

Meat Type


Pet Food Condition


Animal Type


Animal Lifestage




Count Per Pack



1.5 oz

Assembled Product Weight

1.5 oz

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Mars Petfood USA

16 reviews for TEMPTATIONS Meaty MixUps Chicken and Turkey Crunchy and Soft Cat Treats for Adult Cats, 1.5 Oz. Pouch (Pack of 3)

  1. Linda

    My senior cat loves them as a few sprinkles as a food topper.

  2. KAREN

    I have two cats that are not picky at all, but they spit this out. The texture is very mealy.

  3. Susansad

    thought my cat would love these…new flavor and texture. He NEVER walks away from treats! But not so this time. He tasted 2 and spit out any others. Back to the standard crunch for us!

  4. Stephanie

    Get my orders IN a timely matter

  5. ShirleyV

    I like the variety and so does my cat. I do wish there was a container you could get and the put the treats in it instead of a plastic bag.

  6. Jenncoll22

    Cats really didn’t like them???? still have a half bag????? sucks because my cats generally LOVE ALL TREATS!! BUT……..NOT THESE!!!

  7. Carla

    My cats love these treats

  8. Sandra

    The proof is in their actions
    Our cats love these. All we have to do is shake the sack and they come running. It is exciting to know they are getting a treat they really like.

  9. MarryAnn

    my 2 adult senior cats love them. One has had surgery on teeth and only has her fangs. left and she can eat these with out any trouble. i would recommend them for my cats

  10. Pattitrish

    my cats did not like these

  11. kiley

    My cat has decided treats are a necessity in his life. I was looking for something easy for him to eat that would really be a treat. He was so excited and enjoyed them a great deal. It really was a great treat.

  12. Jean

    She, Pippa my cat loves these. They go down fast for her because there is no crunchy outside layer. I keep these on my end table by my bed. Definitely a repurchase.

  13. Donna

    If my cat could talk he would say Temptations are his favorite treat! He can be picky sometimes with his treats but he has never denied any from Temptations. He loves the meaty mix ups. All I have to do is shake the bag and it doesn’t matter where he is in the house, he will run to the kitchen and start begging for them. Needless to say these treats do not last long in our house.

  14. Doryrose1

    Kitty Approved
    Our cat loves these. She perches herself atop her cat tree and sits patiently for her treats whenever the dogs are getting their dog treats.

  15. MARE

    My boy is so picky, he doesn’t care for regular Temptations or any other brands of treats but these he loves!!! He will actually stare me down for long periods of time %26 follows me around until I give him his treats!!! I’m ok with this because I enjoy spoiling him!!!

  16. Carleen

    My elderly car is super picky about food and treats. She had stopped eating her other brand and I tried these on a whim. She loves them and comes and asks for them. I’m so happy to find something that my ancient old kitty likes.

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