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Special Kitty Chicken & Tuna Flavor Pate Wet Cat Food for Adult, Kitten, 22 oz Can (Pack of 3)


Your kitty won’t be able to resist our delectable Special Kitty Chicken and Tuna Dinner Pate Wet Cat Food. This food provides 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for kittens and adult cats. It’s high in protein to help support lean muscle and helps support proper hydration. Follow the feeding instructions to serve up the proper amount of food to your cat and let them chow down as they enjoy the delicious chicken and tuna flavors. This 22-ounce can makes it easy to feed your cat the enticing food they love. Indulge your kitty’s taste buds with the delicious, savory flavor of Special Kitty Chicken and Tuna Dinner Pate Wet Cat Food. Special Kitty understands the unique bond between you and your cat. Every moment together creates memories that will fill your heart for a lifetime. that’s why each one of our products is crafted with the care that cats love, and the attention to detail that cat lovers trust. For all the soft purrs, warm snuggles, and playful pounces- give your Special Kitty the very best.

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Special Kitty Pate Wet Cat Food, Chicken and Tuna Dinner, 22 oz:

  • Savory and moist food
  • High in protein to help support lean muscle
  • Helps support proper hydration
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for kittens and adult cats
  • Made with real chicken and tuna

Animal Health Concern

Muscle Support
Pet Food Form

Pate, Wet, Dry

Pet Food Flavor

Tuna, Chicken

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All Sizes

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Special Kitty

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12 reviews for Special Kitty Chicken & Tuna Flavor Pate Wet Cat Food for Adult, Kitten, 22 oz Can (Pack of 3)

  1. Charles

    The feral cats I feed get some each day along w dry food

  2. tater

    It is big enough to feed all my feral and strays a teaspoon full on top of their dry food

  3. Guinevere

    the cans are not full with food, too much liquid in them

  4. Thelma

    I mix with dry food for my outdoor cats no problem from them.

  5. Jeffrey

    My cats enjoy this for along with the dry food.

  6. SharmanB

    The cat’s like it mixed with dry food just hard to get

  7. Kristine

    This is as good as any. Cats eat it the same as expensive food

  8. Linda

    Our foster kittens are only 5 weeks old so we had to get wet food to mix for them to start eating solids. This wet food is a pate type, so no chunks. It’s verily easily mixed with dry food and they all loved it!

  9. David

    Great texture. Animals loved it

  10. Jessi

    This size is great for feeding multiple cats

  11. Joana

    Great for food and hydration!

  12. Carla

    I combine this food with dry food and water to feed a number of feral cats at my house. I can use one can this size instead of several smaller cans at a time. The pop top on the cans add to the convenience

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