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Temptations Creamy Puree With Chicken, Salmon, And Tuna Lickable, Squeezable Cat Treats 48Ct Variety Pack, (2) 24-Packs Of 12G Pouches


Treat time is your cat’s favorite time of day. Make it even more purrrr-fect with TEMPTATIONS Creamy Puree with Chicken, Salmon, and Tuna Lickable Cat Treats. These irresistible cat squeeze treats deliver the delicious chicken, salmon, and tuna tastes cats love in the perfectly creamy texture they can’t get enough of! Serve these squeezable cat treats by hand for a playful bonding moment, in a bowl as a snack, or as an extra special cat food topper to make mealtime fun!

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From the manufacturer

The Deliciously Creamy, Purrr-fect Lickable Cat Treat with So Many Ways to Enjoy

Looking for a fun new way to bond with your cat? Try rewarding your furry feline with a delicious lickable cat treat by hand for a playful moment.
This low-calorie cat treat is nutritionally complete for your adult cat… and irresistibly perfect for snack time
Each cat treat’s unique pocket shape is crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside… and the crunchy texture helps control tartar.

Cat Treats They'll Want to Try Right Meow

Our Classic TEMPTATIONS Cat Treats come in a variety of flavors from chicken to beef to catnip; your cat will want to try them all.

Specifically formulated to support indoor cats’ digestive health.

With complete and balanced nutrition in every bite, TEMPTATIONS ShakeUps Cat Treats feature 4 irresistibly fun and playful shapes no cat can resist… Treat time will never be the same!

Pet Food Flavor

Chicken, Salmon, Tuna

Pet Treat Variety


Pet Size

All Sizes

Meat Type


Pet Food Condition


Animal Type


Animal Lifestage




Count Per Pack



10.1 oz

Assembled Product Weight

0.63 lb

Manufacturer Part Number



Mars Petcare

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

5.51 x 6.02 x 1.22 Inches

14 reviews for Temptations Creamy Puree With Chicken, Salmon, And Tuna Lickable, Squeezable Cat Treats 48Ct Variety Pack, (2) 24-Packs Of 12G Pouches

  1. dori

    This is a nice treat for my 22 year old cat that has a little bit of a problem eating canned food. He likes that is likable. This way he does not have to chew all the time. He likes the salmon and tuna flavors the best.

  2. Annie

    my cats love anything Temptations.

  3. barbara

    temptations products were smashed not happy

  4. Jenn

    My cat loves them. He would eat them all day if I let him.

  5. Loa bean

    I liked them and Jake ( my cat) loved them. yum!!

  6. Mary

    My 3 fur babies loved all 3 flavors 😻😻

  7. Angela

    My Tigger is literally addicted to these and needs to go to rehab. No matter where we hide them, he opens doors, drawers, doesn’t matter and digs one out and gobbles it down. He’s not normal and these are full of cat crack!

  8. Mlee

    Cat loves it! Plus fun for bonding with each other

  9. Marsha

    Another hit from Temptations
    A big thanks to Temptations for coming out with their Creamy Purrree. Every flavor is a hit with my finicky 17-year old cat. I can even mix in her crushed meds and she’ll eat every drop. It’s made medication time a breeze.

  10. thomas

    i have 2 cats and one is a picky eater, including treats! he will only eat Temptations crunchy cat treats and he loves these puree too! makes me happy!

  11. Mlee

    Best price
    2 new rescues and they love this treat. Can’t find this 24 pack in any store and Walmart online has the best price. Will continue to order. Please don’t discontinue…thanks

  12. Barbara

    seriously im wondering if there is any kind of addictive substance in them. gonna read the label and find out! cause if i don’t get more im concerned about actual withdrawl symptoms!

  13. Emilija

    Amazing price, while allowing me to change the flavor. Temptations Lickable cat treats has been the go to if you have a medication to give your cat. He eats his treat everyday, along with getting the medication he needs. No more wasting or chasing.

  14. Jennifer

    these are great to add crushed up pills in for cats. my cats can always smell the meds that I’ve put in food and other treats. the vet tech recommended these and they sure do work. i highly recommend these.

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