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Pure Balance Puree Gourmet Cat Treats with Real Salmon, 0.5 oz, 4 Count (Pack of 3)


As pet parents ourselves, we are aware of the important position pets hold in your life. Make every meal extraordinary when it’s complemented with Pure Balance Puree Gourmet Cat Treats. It’s a tasty way to start your cat’s meal or even as a treat at the end of the day. You can trust it’s made with real seafood, chicken or beef crafted with care in tempting, yet light broth. The best nutrition for your cat starts with the best ingredients, and here at Pure Balance, we strive for nothing less than excellence. Our goal is to fully meet customer’s needs by lending our expertise in raw materials, formulation, nutrition, packaging, and processing. Each package is made with carefully selected ingredients to ensure your cat gets all the nutrition they need without any of the extra stuff they don’t. That’s why each of our premium recipes contains no corn, wheat or soy. It’s the Pure Balance way and our promise to you and your cat. Pamper your pet with Pure Balance Puree Gourmet Cat Treats.

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At Pure Balance, we believe in one idea – the best nutrition for your pet starts with ingredients you can trust. Pure Balance Puree each of our super premium recipes are made with natural ingredients with added vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to ensure your pet gets the nutrition they need. It’s the Pure Balance way. Pure and Simple.

Pure Balance Puree Gourmet Cat Treats with Real Salmon, 0.5 oz, 4 Count:

  • Grain-free cat treats made with natural ingredients and no by-products
  • Made with real salmon to satisfy your pet
  • For supplemental feeding only
  • Feed one pouch per day for an average adult cat
  • For any and all cat sizes
  • Serve them by hand, by bowl, or as a topping

Animal Health Concern

Grain Free
Pet Food Flavor


Pet Treat Variety


Meat Type

Salmon, Chicken, Beef

Animal Type


Animal Lifestage

All Lifestages


Pure Balance

Count Per Pack


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Manufacturer Part Number

14 reviews for Pure Balance Puree Gourmet Cat Treats with Real Salmon, 0.5 oz, 4 Count (Pack of 3)

  1. Marsha

    Cat’s love it, honestly

  2. Belona

    My cats absolutely love these treats I can’t squeeze it out fast enough for them their biting the package as I squeeze just the salmon flavor one though.

  3. Amber

    My cats love these. Great for a small treat after meds etc. Comes with 4 squeeze treats in each pack. I think its well priced and worth it they love them.

  4. Lesley

    Excellent product and excellent value.

  5. sally

    My cat craves this product. He absolutely loves it. I feed him once a night with it and he meows when he knows it’s time.

  6. Beverly

    My cat really likes this treat!!! Sometimes I break down and give him 2 during the day, morning and evening.

  7. Katie

    I have not tried it so I can’t tell you if I like it but my 🐈 Hairey love , love, loves it and demands it several times a day so I am always having to buy it and hope it’s in stock.My cat is a talker so when he wants a Pure Balance Cat Treat he follows me around and meows till I give him the Pure Balance Treat.

  8. KIM

    Will it help with hairballs

  9. Allison

    My cats love these. This is a favorite for all cats as far as I’m aware and this brand is more cost-friendly than others I’ve seen.

  10. Michelle

    My cat absolutely loves these. I just have to show her the package and she jumps up and is ready to eat.

  11. Smilz

    Teddy LOVES these treats!

  12. DaughterOfEve

    My cats’ (senior and juvenile) absolute favorite food in the whole world, they would select over any other cat treat or wet food. They both heavily prefer (like no comparison) the salmon flavor over the chicken for some reason.

  13. SachieKei

    We somehow still have people grabbing the wrong things even though it specifically tells them what it is, the brand and how many…not rocket science.

  14. cassandra11

    Bad packaging, arrives leaking

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