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Freshpet Healthy & Natural Dog Food, Fresh Chicken Roll, 6lb


At Freshpet®, we have a single-minded mission — to bring the power of fresh, real ingredients to our dogs and cats. And, we’re committed to doing so in ways that are good for our pets, for people and for the planet.
Freshpet® is real, all natural pet food made from scratch with the freshest ingredients in our kitchen. Our meals are crafted using real meat and veggies you can see. We never have any preservatives – that’s why you’ll find us in the fridge on the pet food aisle.

Gently steamed with fresh all natural chicken, vitamin-rich peas & carrots and high fiber brown rice, this recipe comes in a slice and serve roll. This is the next best thing to a homemade meal that is healthy for your dog.

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From the manufacturer

Whole Ingredients delivered daily to our Freshpet Kitchens

To us, fresh ingredients make for higher-quality food that is healthier and more delicious. That’s why our thoughtfully selected ingredients arrive daily at our Freshpet Kitchens in Bethlehem, PA, and go straight into our recipes.

US farm raised chicken or beef is our first ingredient

The only ingredients we’re interested in are the best ingredients we can find. Every recipe we make starts with 100% farm-raised chicken, beef or fish, and all-natural fruits and veggies grown right here in the USA.

Steam-cooked to lock in vital nutrients

Our recipes are gently steamed at low temperatures to protect the integrity of the ingredients. Then we vacuum seal each meal to lock in the natural goodness and it’s off to the fridge where fresh food belongs. That’s why our pet food is packed with essential micronutrients only found in fresh food.

Our Products

Slice & Serve Rolls

Made with a variety of fresh all natural poultry, beef and vitamin-rich vegetables that are tasty and healthy for your pup. Just slice, dice and serve.

Roasted Meals

Tender pieces of fresh all natural poultry and beef, accented with antioxidant rich garden vegetables that come in a convenient resealable bag.

Fresh from the Kitchen

Made with locally sourced shredded chicken and essential vitamins from carrots, spinach and antioxidant rich cranberries, in a convenient resealable bag.

Cat Meals

Moisture-rich tender bites of all natural chicken, accented with carrots and spinach, this grain free recipe will have your cat purring.

Doing right for pets, people and the planet

We partner with shelters and rescues to increase their visibility and provide the pets in their care with the food and resources they need until they find their forever homes. This is how we’re helping pets live their healthiest, happiest, most tail wagging filled lives.

We’re committed to helping the environment. Since June 2016, the Freshpet Kitchens have been completely landfill-free through our partnership with Sustainable Waste Solutions.

All of the energy utilized at Freshpet Kitchens is renewable wind energy, which allows us to source our energy locally and conserve millions of kilowatts annually.

To date we’ve planted over 25,000 trees that have reduced our carbon footprint and restored hundreds of acres of wildlife habitats. Each year we continue to plant more with our friends at the National Forests Foundation.


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11 reviews for Freshpet Healthy & Natural Dog Food, Fresh Chicken Roll, 6lb

  1. Donna

    this is an amazing product for my dog who has so many allergies. It is a bit expensive, but ver bills are more expensive, i switched to this after my fur brother had an awful allergic reaction to a grain dog food product. He has been one healthy guy since the switch.

  2. Mimi

    I have older dogs with dental issues so I feed them freshpet they enjoy softer food. and really seem to love it.

  3. Alea

    Rambo approved
    My pups loves this stuff, they wait by the fridge at dinner time everyday. If we’re out, they get sad. It’s great for them, and fresh. You can see the carrots and peas in the roll. Doesn’t have a terrible smell like most dog food do, they think their getting people food. It has pre measured 1/2lb marks on the wrapper which allows you to keep track of how much food they are served. Great if you have pup that needs to be on a rice and chicken or rice and ground beef diet. No need to precook chicken or beef just minute rice and chop the roll as you need it. We use silicon reusable cover fits perfectly over the cut end and stands nicely on it’s on in the fridge. Highly recommend fir any fur babies.

  4. PJ

    I have 2 dogs and 2 puppies. This is the only food they will eat and that I know is good for them! I definitely recommend this pet food!

  5. Jean

    When You Are Lazy
    Someone has already put it all together, keeping you from having to cook. Easy to prepare and bring to the table. We will cook our own chicken breast and rice in a slow cooker and add it to FreshPet, making it even fresher!

  6. Janie

    Best Dog Food for the Best price

  7. Carlton

    All I can tell you is my beagles LOVE it!! And if they’re happy, I’m happy !

  8. Anstice

    My 12 yr old Poodle likes it
    Because of his age, hard kibbles just no only does for him. This soft dog food is much better for him. It’s more costly but worth it.

  9. Susanmay

    Better than canned
    We add this to the dogs’ evening kibble. I tend to slice and freeze it which changes the consistency a bit but that actually makes it easier to mix in and the dogs don’t mind. Much better on their stomachs than canned food.

  10. ManBri

    I love this dog food, but most of the time you are out of the beef. I usually buy 2 of the beef rolls and 2 of the chicken 6 lb rolls, I always have to go back and get more so he has a variety.

  11. Lori

    Worth the price

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