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Vibrant Life Litter Box Freshness Booster, Fresh Scent, 18 oz


Keep your house smelling fresh, no matter how many cats you have, with the Vibrant Life Litter Box Freshness Booster. This booster features sustained-release technology to keep litter box odor under control for up to three weeks at a time. This 18-ounce bottle comes with a fresh scent solution that works to neutralize odors for a fresh and clean litter box experience. The natural odor-absorbing minerals work quickly, so that you don’t have to worry. Just unscrew the cap and sprinkle the amount of granules you desire to use evenly on top of the litter in the litter box for that freshness feeling. Enjoy a clean smelling house (and litter box) with the Vibrant Life Litter Box Freshness Booster.

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Help your pets live the Vibrant Life! Our products are specially crafted with one goal in mind, seeing your pet at its very best. With a variety of offerings designed to keep animals healthy, happy and energized, Vibrant Life stands out as the brand that truly puts your pet first.

  • 18 oz bottle
  • Fresh scent
  • Features natural odor-absorbing minerals
  • Keeps litter boxes fresh and clean
  • Sustained-release technology for long-lasting freshness
  • Lasts up to 3 weeks
  • Check out the entire Vibrant Life collection for more expertly crafted, quality products



Sprinkle desired amount from one-half cap full to as much as desired onto the cat litter inside the cat pan


Scoop the litter box to remove clumps and solid waste. Sprinkle one-half capful of Freshness Booster granules evenly on top of the litter in the box. Use more of less granules depending on the amount of freshness protection you need. For best results, use the product every other day when you scoop your litter box on a daily basis.

Odor Eliminating


Vibrant Life

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Assembled Product Weight

1.28 lb



Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

3.00 x 3.00 x 9.00 Inches

13 reviews for Vibrant Life Litter Box Freshness Booster, Fresh Scent, 18 oz

  1. Tonya

    Cat approved and control odor

  2. Samantha

    Great Scent but it doesn’t Absorb into the Litter

  3. MsPat

    freshness booster

  4. Brittany

    Works wonders for all my litter boxes!

  5. Julie

    refresh for cat litter

  6. Debbie

    This works amazing!

  7. Deandrea

    Love, Love, Love the scent!

  8. Kimberly

    Sprinkle freshness every day

  9. Grammygc

    We have loved this brand cat litter for our two cats for a while now. It’s cheap and last around two weeks for us with two bags. Would recommend this deodorizer to go with the cat litter!

  10. Kayla

    Affordable, deodorizes, neutralizes, tv scented, and it works to keep litter box fresh after scooping!

  11. Kelsey

    God sent
    Yummy smelling beads for their potty

  12. Keeks

    Less odor, more scent

  13. Melissa

    Most amazing litter box freshener

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