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Vibrant Life Large Sifting Hooded Cat Litter Box


With the Vibrant Life Large Sifting Hooded Cat Litter Box not only will your cat feel more comfortable as they tend to their business, but your home will experience the benefits as well. Compared to your cat’s usual litter box, the covered design helps your cat feel a higher sense of protection as they let their guard down as well as it helps keep their business hidden away and out of sight. This litter box has a filtering system for air purification to keep any odors to a minimum so both you and your cat can breathe easy. The box includes a sifting pan to ensure a clean-kept environment for both you and your cat. Keep your home and your cat happy by replacing your litter box with this Vibrant Life Large Sifting Hooded Cat Litter Box.

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Help your pets live the Vibrant Life! Our products are specially crafted with one goal in mind, seeing your pet at its very best. With a variety of offerings designed to keep animals healthy, happy and energized, Vibrant Life stands out as the brand that truly puts your pet first.

  • Vibrant Life Large Sifting Hooded Cat Litter Box
  • Covered air purifying litter box
  • Cover features a non-flexible build with a hinged door for your cat to slip easily in and out through
  • Air purification system works by filtering the air inside of the box
  • Includes sifting pan, two bottom pans, 1 top, 4 latches, 1 door and 1 carrying handle attached
  • BPA free
  • Dimensions: 19.625 in x 15.25 in x 17.125 in





Vibrant Life

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Litter Boxes



Assembled Product Weight

8.186 lb

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

19.62 x 15.25 x 17.12 Inches

13 reviews for Vibrant Life Large Sifting Hooded Cat Litter Box

  1. HawtDawg

    great for shy cats

  2. ladonna

    We have two of these litter boxes, and they have really cut down on the litter tracking. It also helps our cat that doesn’t like to do his business in the open. It also cuts down on the smell

  3. Kayla

    I ordered A large? It seemed small compared to my last one?

  4. Benjamin

    when my cat pees it literally leaks out of the back as he goes.

  5. Kristina30

    Easy to use and time saving cleaning

  6. Melissa

    I like that this comes with two solid bottoms to transfer litter from dirty to clean (while in the process of shaking the litter out of the grated bottom). I’ve only had it one week and it seems to be time saving and containing the litter better with the door than without one.

  7. Angela

    Quickest clean up–NO SCOOPING

  8. Becca

    Easy clean but can be heavy

  9. Rachael

    This is a fast and efficient way to clean the box. The sides could be more durable for easier separation and lifting but overall this is a fantastic idea!

  10. Lynzee

    so far this has workrd as advetized, I left the hood off untill my new kitty gets used to it. Empty lng the waist is easy so far. , empty in garbage bag ,sealrd. no odor so far.

  11. Anna

    Not easy to move without handle

  12. cheyanne

    Such a time saver.

  13. Joe

    This litter box is fabulous. I’m disabled and what used to take 20 min or more of back breaking scooping, I can now do in 5 min or less with the sifter. I highly recommend this box. Although it is on the smaller side, it handles my 9 mo. kittens just fine. And they are big boys now, 14 and 15 lbs.

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